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Get ready for the 2ND ANNUAL SurfearNEGRA SURF-A-THON, a half-day event dedicated to chasing waves and welcoming new surfers to our commUNITY. This year we’re excited to share waves with teams everywhere--from San Diego to NY to SUP crews inland.

Here's the basic info:

Event is happening December 4th across multiple locations in Jacksonville Beach, FL (and around the world). Teams of surfers will meet and ride as many waves as possible in a two-hour period.


Designed for safe (socially distanced) participation; teams will meet at different beach accesses. *Event attendees encouraged to maintain safe social distancing while walking the beach.

Ready to ride?

Here's 5 things you need to know to create your team & win!

1. Build your team.

Teams should be minimum 3, maximum 5 surfers. Everyone and anyone can participate! We encourage you to invite and include new wave riders. (Bodyboarding, surf-matting, SUP – everything counts).

2. Sign up.

Team entry fee is $200. Click the 'REGISTER YOUR TEAM' button to set up your personalized team page . Last sign-up is November 29th.

3. Secure your pledges!

Once your team page is complete, you'll recieve a link to your team page website. Share with your community and encourage them to donate to your team. Be sure to use our social media toolkit to spread the word!

4. ¡Surf!

On December 1st (if you are attending the Jax Beach main event) we'll send you final details, including timing and the dedicated beach access where your team will surf. On event day, teams are encouraged to bring a tent, flag or cool set-up to help attendees find you in the water. We'll meet you with an official SurfearNEGRA wave counter & team sign.

If you are in a satellite city, designate a time for your team to meet up and surf your hearts out. Your final wave count will be on the honor system!

5. Win!

Every time we can come together and be in the water consider it a win...but we'll also share team highlights & awards. Categories include: top donations, highest wave count, youngest surfers, best tent-set up and most combined years surfing...We'll announce all the winners December 9th. Stay tuned for more details.

Helpful reminders:

•Your participation means everything to us! All pledges and donations will help us bring more girls of color to the water. (*pssst, remember we are a 501c3 and your donations are tax deductible)


•Please use the social media toolkit to spread the word!

•Bring water & snacks on event day – you'll need the energy to catch all those waves!

•Invite folks to experience the event and walk the beach – they don't have to be surfers to cheer you on.

•DON'T FORGET YOUR MASKS! And, please wear them when on the beach and in your small groups.


Click the Questions Button.

Live Event Date:
December 4th, 2021

10am-1pm EST

Main event Jax Beach
Satellite events in FL | CA | NY
& More

Event Type:

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