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¡100 GIRLS!

Our ¡100 Girls! program was designed to expose young girls of color to the sport of surfing through surf camp funding, community-building and mentorship.


To attend surf camp in your area for FREE:

Step 1  Click the "APPLY" button below to begin the ¡100 Girls! application process.

(There is an application processing fee in the form of a $15 donation)

Step 2  Once the processing fee is submitted and contact information is confirmed, you will receive the application form via email within 24hrs.


Step 3  After submitting your completed application, you will be notified within 4 weeks if you have been selected for the program.

Step 4  We will pay for you (or your child) to attend the closest suitable surf camp in your area.

Step 5  ¡SURF!

Due to limited resources, acceptance is on a first come, first serve basis.

Program eligibility requirements: She/Her, BIPOC, 7-17 years old

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